The Rose and the Flame

A 3 Month Deep Dive into Clearing &

Activating Your Portals of Light

We invite you to this 3-month deep dive to clear energetic blockages of each chakra that may be holding you back from activating your abilities.

Unlock the light and love of your being.
Activate your gifts.


This is for the spiritually-aware woman on the cusp of your evolution who feels there is more to life than the chaos of the day to day. Who is at a point in life where you are ready to invite in more joy, more fulfilment, more peace. To fully break free of the entanglements of your past and live the life you always dreamt of, right here and right now.

Are you ready to claim your birthright?

Are you ready to awaken the truth of who you are on a soul level?

Join us on a transformative adventure where we call forth our divine team and higher selves harnessing the power of the sacred Flame to release any energetic obstacles that may be preventing you from living your soul’s authentic path. Through the activation of your unique gifts and abilities, we will embrace the healing properties of the Rose to unlock your true potential. This profound journey is all about embracing the medicine of the Rose, allowing you to discover and express your divine gifts, align with your heart’s desires, and fulfill your life’s purpose. Let the sacred Flame purify any hindrances, enabling you to shine brightly through the element of transformation.

Client Experiences

Calleen delivers the frequency of the Rose Temples with such grace. Each session allowed a deep awakening to the codes held within my dna, words could never fully convey the appreciation I have for this journey. Her presence alone held space in a way that felt safe and comforting. All the key words that I would use to describe the divine feminine she exudes; soft, gentle, compassionate, patient, the list goes on. She lovingly met us each right where we are at and that made all the difference in my ability to let go of any constriction so I could open up enough to hear the wisdom held within. The shifts that are happening in my life have facilitated much healing and growth. My heart swells with gratitude, thank-you for your service!

Desiree N.

Rose’s guidance just gets better every time we meet…I feel her really stepping in and that allows me to drop in and go deep into the mystery with her.

Robyn Y.

I really enjoyed Calleen as my guide on the journey through the rose journey. Her energy is so loving and pure that I never wanted the circle to end. Then, I was left with a feeling of peace and hope after each temple circle. She really helped to open my heart my eyes throughout this whole journey. I’m excited to see what Calleen offers next because I love being in a temple circle with Calleen Russell as my guide.

Cheri V.

It has come to my awareness that the 3 month journey with Calleen Russell was a pivotal part of my soul’s journey. Since it’s activation situations have shown up that I now have access to the divine wisdom, and guidance WHISPERS to wade through the waters with ease and grace like a rose petal floating gently with the flowing stream of life. I genuinely and wholeheartedly feel that I’ve been truly blessed to have been guided to such an amazing teacher as Calleen, who has been proven to be my angel here in the physical. I’m super excited to see what’s next for us.

Tracey Nicole W.

This is a safe place to practice without judgement…it’s supported me in opening up my heart and what it means to move from the fire of the divine feminine, to not fear that. And Rose has encouraged that in me.

Gina A.

Coming to the fire helps me remember that safety and security are but an illusion and that the only thing that is real is now. These circles help me break free from self judgement and doubt. To BE me.

Sonja A.


The Rose and the Flame


Leave knowing the wisdom of your heart is fully unleashed

Join us for a transformative 3-month container where Calleen Russell from Divine Whispers and Rose Mulroney from Firepit Priestess, two modern day priestesses, come together to share divine wisdom that will nourish your soul. This special experience aims to awaken the innate knowledge that resides within you, unlocking the profound light codes of wisdom embedded in your soul. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we delve into the depths of your inner sacredness.

This is a safe, non-judgmental, yet powerful space to:

  • break free from the chains of your past
  • clear out the lies that have been holding you back
  • liberate yourself by igniting the wisdom of your intuitive gifts
  • leave knowing something magical just happened




The Rose & the Flame 3-month Container


  • Access to a private Facebook community group: Stay connected with your fellow Rose & Flame sisters, ourselves, and new members who join throughout the years. This group will serve as a supportive space for ongoing connection and growth.
  • Weekly Facebook live check-ins: Engage in weekly Rose & Flame guidance, have your questions answered, and receive support through our regular live sessions. These gatherings will provide guidance and nourishment for your journey.
  • A beautiful eBook: Embrace the sacred geometry of the rose, infused with powerful frequencies. This ebook will be a valuable resource for our monthly work, including prayers and blessings.
  • Soul-level awakening: Through our journey together, you will awaken to the profound truth of who you are at a soul level. Experience deep self-discovery and transformation.
  • Live Zoom circles. Dates to be determined. Replays available.

Our gatherings will take place twice a month over the course of three months. Even if you can’t attend the live sessions, rest assured that your presence will be felt and held in our loving and healing rose & flame energy. In fact, as soon as you say yes to your soul’s calling, you will be enveloped in this nurturing energy (replay recordings will be provided for all participants).

“I’m in! Where do I sign up?”

 Your Heart Investment

full payment of:

$333 ($667 value)

Discounted if paid in full.

3 payments of:


Direct debit – paid monthly on the same date each month for 3 months

This incredible journey focuses on releasing and cleansing obstacles by harnessing the power of the sacred flame and by embracing your rose light codes, you’ll not only integrate them into your being, but also be empowered to share your unique gifts with the world.

As the gentle flow of the rose light codes gracefully anchors within you, an amazing transformation takes place. You’ll find yourself becoming more attuned to your divine purpose and destiny, radiating your inner light to illuminate the world around you.

Now is the perfect moment to fully embrace and embody your true essence at a soul level. Together, let’s bring the sacred back into our everyday lives and weave its magic into every moment.

The Process


Each month we will gather together in a sacred temple circle (via zoom).

A temple is a place that we designate as sacred. It is a place where you are welcomed and loved just the way you are, it’s a place where your wounds are tended to. it’s a place where the soul feels at home. it’s a portal away from everyday life, it allows us to drop out of the busyness of our ego mind and into our heart and hear and feel our soul’s language.

Something happens when we drop out of the mind and consent thinking we become present, there is a gift in the presence that is profound.

What creates a temple space is the calling in of the Divine, the Intention and blessings within the space. It’s about lighting the candles and inhaling the holy oils and devotion to our soul’s calling.


The 1st week is the ceremony and activation and blessing of the rose light codes. Each temple circle will be about 90 mins.

The week following, we will have an integration temple space, where we come together and share anything that we are experiencing in a safe loving space where we are witnessed and supported.

Get to Know Your Guides

Rose Mulroney, MA is a metaphysical practitioner and modern-day priestess, trained in the art and science of alchemizing reality. Her own journey unearthed her specific abilities to hold vision between thought and form, and she assists those women who see the chaos of life unfolding yet are willing to walk toward their best version, ready to dance in the sacred flames of transmutation and revel in the Truth and Beauty of who they already are.

Calleen Russell is an intuitive spiritual life coach. She has been strongly guided to channel divine healing frequencies of the rose to assist individuals on their healing journey to the remembrance of the truth of who they are on a soul level as a modern-day priestess. It was on her own healing journey that she rediscovered her abilities and gifts of channeling divine guidance, while activating and clearing the energetic body of her clients.

This 3 month journey is as powerful as the words you hear. It is through the energy you feel, there is so many things that can not be spoken but can be felt. Be open to receive not only the words but more intently, the feeling, its an energetic gift.