Helping you release energetic blocks so you can live in a state of Flow

Guided by the Divine, I am here to help you live your best life and assist you in your own personal healing journey.  I possess the gift of mediumship and serve as a channel for divine healing energy. My mediumship abilities allow me to connect with higher spiritual realms and provide profound insights and guidance to those seeking spiritual healing and enlightenment.

We all have subconscious beliefs and blocks that are holding us back from living to our true potential. These blocks have been created through past lives, handed down through ancestors, learned through childhood trauma. They stay deeply rooted in our subconscious and affect our conscious decisions. I help you release, clear, and heal these energetic blocks that have been left by past life trauma so that you can live to your full potential.

Each session I offer is a co-creation with the Divine. I start with creating a high Vibrational atmosphere. I specialize in energy coaching and healing in the temple circle, gathering souls to learn energy healing practices, allowing you to experience the healing energy.

How can I serve you?

Whichever way you decide to work with me, you may experience feelings of uplifment, jouyousness, self-empowerment, connection with the divine and angel guides, strenghted intuitive senses, and the confidence to navigate through life fully aligned and balanced.

Individual Sessions

Divine Healing

Energy Coaching

Crystal Healing

Sound Therapy Healing



The Rose & The Flame

Rose Temple Circles

Divine Whispers of the Rose

Temple of Sound Circles



10-week Ancestral Healing Ceremonial Program

Life Guidance

2-hour Healing Transitions

Meet Calleen

I am a spiritual lifeguide, intuitive energy healer, sacred circle facilitator, a bridge from heaven to Earth and a channel of unconditional love.

I offer in person and online Healing sessions to awaken your passion for life so that you can really start living in color and see and feel the world around you as it was meant to be experienced.

My Core Values


To guide you on the path of awakening and activating the essence of who you truly are.

My mission is to be your guide throughout your healing journey and a beacon of support and light.


To imbue Love within every aspect of my life. Pure unconditional love. Everything I do, everything I say, comes from unconditional love. I vibrate love through my voice, through my hands, and throughout all of my energy field, and transmute it to the universe and within my healing services.



When we find the courage to be true to who we are, a vitality returns to us, a voice that’s both moving and compelling…simply because it’s authentic.

When you work with me, you’re allowing me to be a part of your life and trusting my insight and guidance. I hold these privileges dear and treat our sessions with the utmost respect and authenticity.


A healing with Calleen was just what I needed to get back into alignment. Working with Calleen is now regular maintenance, like a tune up for your car, only a tune up for your spirit.

Liza Jane Wolf

Calleen is very receptive and goes above and beyond to ensure that you are comfortable and well informed about the process. I highly recommend her services. she’s the real deal! as a matter of fact I just signed up for her mentorship program! I am looking forward to my spiritual journey. With a mentor like Calleen and my “sidekicks” AKA my angels and Spirit guides this is going to be a hoot!!

Denise Carlton Palmer

I am so blessed to have been brought together with this amazing woman. Calleen is so welcoming and peaceful! She already knew what I needed before I arrived. She is absolutely gifted! Her energy is pure LOVE! It was an awesome and beautiful experience! Thank you Calleen!

Joanna Margos Pantazes

Calleen’s intuition was spot on and she has a lovely & caring energy about her. I received a distance reiki session from Calleen. It was an amazingly relaxing and insightful session. Calleen was able to tune into certain areas and issues that I was having and helped release those blockages. Her intuition was spot on and she has a lovely & caring energy about her. I would recommend trying a session with her – you will not be disappointed.

Sue Lambertson

How to get started

1. Schedule your free session

Schedule a free 20 minute 1-on-1 session!

2. Find the service that best fits you

During your call, I will go through all of my services so you can choose how you want to start your healing journey.

3. Start your heaing journey

I will recommend the best plan for your healing journey so that you can live your Divine Life.

Life’s too precious to let limiting beliefs hold you back from your true potential!

Start living the life you deserve, in complete freedom and happiness today!